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For someone who has worked for more than a few Non-Profits I've always been very gun shy at using any of my social media platforms to ask for money or support anyone who is. I'm not against it and have happily donated to many of the requests that come across my LJ and Facebook. But today I humbly ask you guys to click on the link below if you have a moment and donate if you can.

I've known Bonnie (and shadesofbrixton) for a few years now and their friendship, support and general level of awesome is unparallelled.

And if you need to be petty who doesn't want to stick it to Sallie Mae just a little. Those jerks own my bank account right now.

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Crawling out of my Constant Contact hole long enough to signal boost for esc_key (whose old username I will always miss. :( ).

I know eff all about comic books but I know some of you are fans so go nominate your fave female comic book character for this year's chickfight.

Details and nominations are here.

*crawls back into hole*